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More than one year ago I wrote my Dutch e-book ” From Student to Internet Millionaire “. I wrote this e-book in two days. The creativity was just flowing, and words “magically” appeared on my screen.

I was inspired. 

An e-book of 30 pages was the result of this. It describes my life from being an ordinary student who likes to party growing up to be an entrepreneur (internet millionaire) with more money than I could ever imagine.

The word internet millionaire would assume that I have a million dollars in my bank account. But that’s not what my description of internet millionaire means.

An internet millionaire is someone who can live the life of a millionaire because he / she is not “trapped” in the cycle of exchanging time for money (a job for a boss) and has the freedom to live and work from every place in the world on things that he / she likes the most.

Some call it digital nomad, but I use the word internet millionaire.

Already in my early years I discovered that money isn’t everything (so glad). And that “stuff” does not matter.

It is the freedom that we are after, and DOING things we like that makes us happy.

Anyway, if today I would go through the 363 comments on my e-book (thanks my Dutch audience) and search for the word “inspiration” then it would light up 78 times.

Inspiration is a very nice word. But what does it mean exactly? And don’t we use it sometimes in a wrong manner?

A few weeks ago I was watching a presentation from dr. Wayne W. Dyer who explained the word inspiration in a very nice way:

Inspiration comes from being in-spirit. When we’re in-Spirit, we’re inspired…and when we’re inspired, it’s because we’re back in-Spirit,fully awake to Spirit within us.

I think it is better that sir Wayne Dyer explains it to you in person (also the whole movie is a good watch!)

Whenever you feel inspired you have like this feeling of joy surrounding you. You feel connected to your inner-source, and you know exactly what you want. Your creativity is flowing, and you feel so much energy.

Inspiration is your ultimate source of energy.

If you are inspired, you feel close and connected to yourself.

Inspiration is not only related to work, or other tasks that we do throughout the day. Nope, we can be inspired but in the same time don’t know what we are going to do that day.

Don’t confuse inspiration with motivation.

Motivation is an ego-driven force (which in some occasions is not necessarily a bad thing). You want to accomplish something and nothing and no-one is going to stand in your way. You just crush everything that is going to be in between you and your goal.

For most of us, especially in the western culture, this is something to be proud of. If you don’t show your drive and ambition then people are telling us to “get motivated”.

There are many-many books, websites, courses, audio’s, video’s and god-knows-what-else written about dedicating ourselves to an idea and performing actions to make this idea come to life.

But if motivation is a way of creating an idea and performing actions to reach a certain goal, then inspiration is the opposite.

If we are inspired then the idea is going to take hold of us. In this case powers are going to be released which will make you do things that you would never believed where possible.

I am pretty sure that all of the (big) success that I have got where based on inspiration. The things that I have tried based on ego-driven powers (making money for example) where not doing so well.

Surrender yourself to inspiration. Know that everything on this planet is energy and that when you surrender to the (right) energy you can leverage this power.

Again, when you will do this, magic will happen. ;-)

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The Good Shizzle

by Mitch

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of John Mayer.

The name of this blog (Clarity) and my philosophy of life are “stolen” from one of his songs.

But not only do I love his music, also the interviews with him are nice to watch. The man clearly knows what he is talking about. Or not… ;-)

I know he made some stupid mistakes in the past spitting out some language that was very offensive to certain people, but hey… Are we all saints here!?

Anyway, this is the first article here on ClarityHQ en the only thing I want to do here is to give you a message…

On this blog you are only going to experience the good shizzle.

I am convinced that if I just deliver top-notch content, readers will follow just like John says in 5 min 32 sec.

The articles that you are going to find here are related to mindset.

It is all about finding clarity in life. Combining a clear mind, body and business to get maximum enjoyment out of your life.

I think I am well on my way, currently heading in two days into a one year trip (USA, Central America and South America) that is made possible because of my online bizz.

Thanks for reading!

Talk soon,

- Mitch